Nurses to the UK – NHS Direct Skype Interview

Nurses to the UK – NHS Direct Interview

Direct Skype Interview 

  • Salary: £20,448 – £24,174
  • Free 3 Months accommodation
  • Refund Visa and IHS (capped at £1250)
  • Free flight
  • Refund of CBT Fees
  • Free OSCE fees and transportation to assessment
  • Free NMC registration
  • £150 canteen vouchers

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OET Capability Checker – Find your capability to score 4 Bs in just 15 minutes

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Free IELTS Capability Checker

IELTS Capability Checker by Mentor Merlin is designed to check how long you need to prepare for the IELTS Band 7 score. In this IELTS Capability Checker you can assess all 4 the modules; Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing with feedback for the trainer. The highlight of the Capability Checker is that you will get the review free of cost and also will get a live Speaking session. Mentor Merlin is the first IELTS trainer to provide no-cost review and live speaking module to the candidate.

Check IELTS Capability in just 15 minutes and get the free IELTS review

IELTS Capability Checker is set on the very basic level so that even a beginner can do the test and get the review. Thus you can make your study plan and book your IELTS exam in confidence. Mentor Merlin prefers IELTS retakers to attend the Capability Checker before booking your next IELTS exam and get reviewed from the expert trainers.

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